Heidi Hill: Founder, Publisher & Acquiring Editor

Blue Dot Kids Press founder, publisher and acquiring editor Heidi Hill grew up in Northern California amid stacks of picture books, Sundays spent reading in the grass. Heidi’s family instilled in her a love of reading, the necessity of contribution, a reverence for the outdoors, and a persuasive dose of entrepreneurialism. 


Heidi interspersed post-secondary education with international travel, including teaching English in both Nepal and Spain, and ultimately earned a BA in communications and journalism at the University of Colorado, Boulder and an MBA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Business. Now, Heidi maintains this international perspective, alongside her curious preschool-age son and Kiwi husband, by working from both the San Francisco Bay Area and New Zealand. Heidi’s professional experience includes stints with Pearson, eBay, Backpacker magazine, Yoga Journal, and Heyday Books.

In 2018, Heidi began work in earnest on what would be the organic next step in her pathway: launching Blue Dot Kids Press, a children’s book publishing house devoted to captivating stories and spectacular illustrations that build relationships to the natural world and our global community. She is also an active member of the Sierra Club and the Children and Nature Network.

For each book project, Heidi collaborates with a passionate and experienced team of consulting editors, designers, and marketing staff. 

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