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Margaret Wild
Margaret Wild

Margaret Wild is one of Australia’s best-known and best-loved authors for young people. She has published over seventy picture books for young children. In 2020, Wild was awarded the Australia Council Award for Lifetime Achievement in Literature.

Goodbye, Old House

Q&A with Margaret Wild about GOODBYE, OLD HOUSE: Why did you write this children's book? “A few years ago I had a little holiday house which my small granddaughter loved. Just before I sold it, she went around the house, saying a rather tearful goodbye. She missed it for a long time, but she had a store of very happy memories. Many years earlier, my children and I moved from a bushy block into an inner-city terrace. It was a big adjustment for them as they loved the gum trees, winding path and blue-tongued lizard that lived under a huge rock. And they had to leave their friends behind. The new house had a few wilting pot plants and a garden the size of a beach towel. With time, of course, they came to see this house as home and made new friends. Now they want me to keep this house for ever!” What do you hope children will learn from this book? “Things are always changing in our lives. If you can, try to welcome changes rather than fear them. Changes can hopefully lead to new and exciting experiences and opportunities.”

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