Blue Dot Kids Press grew from the desire to create a purpose-driven publishing house that gives voice to authors and illustrators around the globe whose stories connect us to each other—and the home we call Earth. We are devoted to publishing captivating stories and spectacular illustrations that inspire curiosity and wonder.  

For each or our book projects, we work with a passionate and experienced team of consulting editors, designers, and marketing staff. We also benefit from the mentorship of many experts in the field. 

Meet some of our authors and illustrators!

Rossana Bossù
Rossana Bossù is a former teacher at the Art and Design Institute in Turin, Italy and has won several prizes as an illustrator.
Mizuho Fujisawa
Mizuho Fujisawa was born and raised in Japan near Mount Fuji. After studying biology, she moved to France with her family to pursue a career in illustration.
Yvonne Lacet
Yvonne Lacet is an internationally celebrated artist and a photographer who works on projects in which urban environments, the landscape, and nature play an important role. Her work has been exhibited at locations such as the Chelsea Art Museum, in New York City, and the FOAM in Amsterdam.
Tania McCartney
Tania McCartney is an award-winning Australian author, illustrator, and editor. Her books have won numerous awards and have been released in Australia, the UK, the US, and China.
Jess Racklyeft
Jess Racklyeft is the acclaimed creator of cards, picture books, original paintings, and prints, and a two-time winner of the Children's Book Council of Australia Notable Picture Book of the Year award.
Sepideh Sarihi
Sepideh Sarihi was born in Iran. She studied screenwriting and dramaturgy in Tehran, where she later worked in children’s television. She has lived in Germany since 2012.
Muriel Tallandier
Muriel Tallandier runs a magazine publishing company in France. This, her first picture book, is inspired by her own curious daughter.
Photo (c) Thomas Dhellemmes.
Paola Vitale
Paola Vitale is a teacher and children’s author from Italy. She has published international scientific studies and has a PhD in developmental biology.
Julie Volk
Julie Völk is a multi award-winning illustrator of children's books from Austria.
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