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Fall 2021 Catalog

Publisher's Note


Dear Friends,

Most of us on this beautiful planet have never experienced a pandemic—or

emerging from one. We’re at as much a moment of change now as we were a year

ago, and as always, I turn to books to be my anchor. They are as strong as they are

comforting. Change, be it positive or negative, can feel unsettling, and books give

me courage, inspiration, and the understanding that I’m not alone in what we’re

all experiencing.

As an independent, mission-driven press, Blue Dot Kids Press is used to taking bold

leaps, and we believe we can in part because we’re guided by books. Emboldened

by the intelligence and artistry of our authors’ and illustrators’ work, we aspire to

empower the next generation of global citizens with empathy, resilience, creativity,

and the shared value of nature and its stewardship. This purpose is evident in every

book we publish—as well as in our sustainable business practices. Our books are

printed on FSC-certified paper with vegetable inks, and we contribute 1 percent of

our annual sales to environmental causes through 1% for the Planet.

We hope our fall 2021 list helps our readers both find safe harbor and explore

again. We’re continuing to grow our list of books that are perfect for the youngest

readers (ages zero to three) with two more titles in our multilingual board book

series, Words of the World: Plants and Animals. For the slightly older set (ages

three to seven), we also offer two picture books, both of which fit this moment.

Goodbye, Old House shows us how to adapt to—maybe even embrace—change.

Little Bird’s Day offers a peaceful respite in nature’s calming rhythms.

Thank you for being with us in our second year (our debut titles are in the back of

the catalog). We look forward to seeing, along with you, what’s next.

With gratitude,

Heidi Hill Founder and Publisher

Curious to see the upcoming books? View our fall catalog by clicking the cover image below!


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