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Spring 2022 Catalog

Publisher's Note


Dear Friends,

We at Blue Dot Kids Press always approach building our seasonal title lists thoughtfully. We care about our young readers, so we publish books we know will delight and inspire them. As these past two years have been particularly weighty, we felt, even more than usual, the importance of the questions we asked ourselves as we crafted our spring 2022 list.

  • How can we, as a book publisher, prepare young children for an unknown future?

  • How can we foster skills like critical thinking and resilience, which will only grow more important in the twenty-first century?

  • How can we inspire the next generation of nature stewards and compassionate global citizens?

  • How can we offer our youngest readers a soft landing after the pandemic and a safe harbor in ongoing storms—but also encourage them to explore again?

Our spring 2022 books beautifully answer those questions. Bailey & Blanket (pre-K to grade 2) offers an intimate, personal story about the big, universal abilities to problem-solve and find resilience in the face of loss. I’ll Take Care of You (pre-K to grade 2) charts a comforting path through nature’s interconnectedness, reassuring readers that even when they are challenged, they will be able to find kindness nearby. Just to See (pre-K to grade 2) gently nudges readers to explore and to be curious, not fearful, of unexpected discoveries, while My Day in the Park (pre-K to grade 1) celebrates the adventure of the everyday, encouraging readers to notice the details of a familiar place like their local park.

We continue to extend our books’ story lines of sustainability and empathy into real-world demonstrations. Our books are printed on FSC-certified paper with vegetable inks, and we contribute 1 percent of our annual sales to environmental causes through 1% for the Planet.

Thank you for being with us as we begin our third year. Together, in the stories we tell each other, we find powerful answers to the questions that give us the most pause.

With gratitude,

Heidi Hill Founder and Publisher

Curious to see the upcoming books?

View our spring catalog by clicking the cover image below!


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