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A World of Possibilities

Blue Dot Kids Press inspires curiosity with beautifully crafted stories that connect us to each other and the planet we share. 


Written and illustrated by impassioned storytellers and artists from around the world, our books engage young readers’ innate sense of wonder and empathy, connecting them to our global community and the pale blue dot we call home.


As an independent, mission-driven children’s publisher based in San Francisco, California, and Wellington, New Zealand, our passion for nature and its stewardship are evident in every book we publish—as well as in our business practices.  


We are proud to be distributed by Consortium Book Sales and Distribution, an Ingram brand.

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one percent for the planet
New and Upcoming Releases
Kaleidoscope Club

Garden Surprise: Kaleidoscope Club Series Book #1

Kai's Ocean of Curiosities

Kai's Ocean of Curiosities

The Moon Tonight

The Moon Tonight

Book cover shows bird carrying an apple seed over mountains

I'll Take Care of You

Book cover shows aerial view of parents and their child cuddled on a blanket outside

Bailey & Blanket

Book cover shows child climbing large antlers and looking up at a bird

Just to See

Book cover shows profile of a child looking at a city park with lots of trees and people walking aro

My Day in the Park


Little Bird's Day


Our World Out of Balance: Understanding Climate Change and What We Can Do

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