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Marta Orzel
Marta Orzel

Marta Orzel graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland. She is currently an artist and illustrator living in France. Her work often celebrates nature and is filled with mountain landscapes, deep forests inhabited by animals, and fantastic creatures walking under the sparkling sky. In her work, she uses a variety of techniques combining drawing, painting, and collage with modern technologies and tools.

My Day in the Park

Q&A with Marta Orzel about MY DAY IN THE PARK What do you hope children will learn from this book? “For me parks are places of mental rest and discovery, they are enclaves of calm in the constant noise of the city. I love spending time there, walking and observing trees and flowers. I hope that the children reading this book will be able to enrich their vocabulary while having fun, but above all that they will learn to be attentive to what surrounds them and to savor the joyful moments of life.”

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